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CIA runs secret 'Counterterrorism Pursuit Teams' to crush Taleban

CIA runs secret 'Counterterrorism Pursuit Teams' to crush Taleban 23 Sep 2010 The Central Intelligence Agency runs an Afghan paramilitary force that hunts 'Al-Qaeda' and Taleban militants in covert operations in Pakistan, a US official said Wednesday. Confirming an account in a new book by famed reporter Bob Woodward, the US official said that the Counterterrorism Pursuit Teams were highly effective but did not offer details. The 3,000-strong paramilitary army of Afghan soldiers was created and bankrolled by the CIA, designed as an “elite” unit to pursue "highly sensitive covert operations into Pakistan" in the fight against Al-Qaeda and Taleban sanctuaries, according to The Washington Post, which revealed details of the new book.