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CLG Newsletters Blocked - 18 May 2012

CLG Newsletters Blocked - 18 May 2012 Posted by Lori Price, 18 May 2012 CLG readers, especially AT&T clients: If you do not always receive your CLG Newsletter - or they arrive on an intermittent basis -- it's because the CLG's webhoster's mail server is getting 'greylisted' and blocked. If you did not receive the updates I sent at *5 a.m.* (because that's when I finished working on the myriad of technical problems and obstacles), please write lori at and put 'Friday's Newsletter' in the subject line. The subject line of the most recent newsletter was, 'Lawyers Guild claims NATO activists 'disappeared' without warrant or charges.' If you want to subscribe a different email address, you may send an email to signup at and write 'Subscribe' in the subject line. Or, you my subscribe here. Thank you!