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CLG Newsletters blocked by,, and Posted by Lori Price, 06 Nov 2012 For several days, CLG Newsletters are not reaching subscribers who use,, and -- domains that have blocked and are currently blocking CLG's IP. Please contact your ISP and Time Warner Cable (contact info here) to share your thoughts on them censoring the CLG. I'm really sick of the censorship -- and the hours expended on it -- so if there is an attorney that would like to volunteer his/her services regarding this situation, please contact lori at legitgov dot org. Thank you.


The New America does not need a few overly-informed malcontents trying to stir up trouble, any more than they need to know what all goes into the food they consume.  I mean, look at the $45 million that giant agri-business has spent to defeat prop 37 - wouldn't it have made much better sense to spend it on more bullets for our DHS?  Actually, the presidential election itself is a giant waste, and most people don't really WANT any real choice of candidates - certainly not one who might have any qualms about using our Predator drones to blow up sleeping children half a world away.  So here is my proposal - instead, we put the three most bombastic, bloodthirsty, vile contenders (I nominate Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg and Newt Gingrich) into a cage for a battle to the death, and the winner gets to be our new... PHAROAH!  That would make us all his slaves, true - but how much unemployment do you think a pharoah would tolerate?  I mean, those pyramids didn't build themselves, did they?