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CLG seeks lawyer to fight Google's censorship

CLG seeks lawyer to fight Google's censorship 03 Dec 2013 Attention CLGers: Any lawyers in the house? *Once again,* NSAssociate Google relegated today's CLG Newsletter to the spam bin, even though every POSSIBLE 'spam' trip-word was REMOVED or edited with asterisks, and I shortened the newsletter so that it would reach everyone! Also, Google has denied, repeatedly, CLG's requests to set up a page on Google+. Odd, every other news group has a page - why can't the CLG? It's tiring to spend hours compiling a newsletter -- only to have Google decide their clients should not read it! [See also: Google adding 'X-Spam-Combo' to CLG Newsletters, so they are considered spam 24 Nov 2013.] I have numerous emails from people who have asserted that despite establishing 'whitelist' filters, Google still relegated the CLG Newsletter to their spam bins. Some folks have sent screen shots as evidence, attesting to same. Note: If you do use Gmail, please take these steps to set up a 'whitelist' filter - which might help. Thank you. Contact: lori @ Here is an email I received from CLG reader Davin on Wednesday:I too have consistently tried to keep your newsletter from going into the spam folder, I added your address to my address book, set up a filter that would star your letter & set it up so that it wouldn't go into the spam folder BUT IT STILL DOES!!! I would testify for you if some trial needs witnesses, thank you for doing what you're doing. Regards, Davin