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Children Taken From Parents Who Refuse Vitamin K Shot

Children Taken From Parents Who Refuse Vitamin K Shot --The injection may contain benzyl alcohol, a preservative that may be toxic for the baby's delicate immune system. Preservative-free shots may contain a combination of polysorbate 8019 and propylene glycol instead, but these ingredients also have a questionable safety profile. | 10 Nov 2019 | A number of stories have emerged detailing how parents have had their newborn babies taken from them by simply because they declined the vitamin K injection. In a September 2019 article, The Daily Citizen describes the harrowing ordeal of Angela and Brian Bougher: "In the moments after birth, a nurse told the Boughers that their newborn daughter was being taken away and they were being investigated for 'medical neglect.' It took 12 hours to get their daughter back...Later the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) had law enforcement officers make an unannounced visit the Boughers' home to investigate and determine if any of their other four children were being 'neglected.'" The Boughers and several other Illinois families who experienced harassment and investigation by the DCFS over refusal of the vitamin K shot have filed a class action lawsuit against local hospitals (Silver Cross Hospital, Advocate Christ Medical Center and the University of Chicago Medical Center), the AAP, the DCFS and several pediatricians.