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College adviser facing charges for disrupting UConn event

College adviser facing charges for disrupting UConn event --Gregory is accused of stealing Wintrich's speech from the podium amidst general pandemonium created by student protesters at the event, which took place November 28 at the University of Connecticut. | 13 Dec 2017 | A Quinebaug Valley Community College (Killingly, CT) adviser faces charges of sixth-degree larceny and disorderly conduct for stealing the property of conservative commentator Lucian Wintrich during a recent lecture. Wintrich, on the other hand, who faced a charge of breaching the peace for forcibly attempting to recover the copy of his speech that was stolen by Catherine Gregory, announced Monday that he was cleared of all of charges...In a video that has since gone viral, Gregory is shown stealing the speech of off the podium from which Wintrich was attempting to speak over rowdy student protesters, leading Wintrich to attempt to retrieve his property himself.