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Columbia University Blocking CLG Newsletters with Links to Press TV

Columbia University Blocking CLG Newsletters with Links to Press TV by Lori Price, 23 Aug 2011
Attention Columbia University Faculty, Staff and Students,
The reason for your intermittent delivery of your CLG Newsletter is because Columbia University blocks any and all newsletters that include a link to the Press TV website, presstv dot ir. (See sample error message, below.)
I have contacted Columbia University's Network Operations regarding the problem. I was told that anyone concerned should send a 'Trouble Ticket' to The IT phone number is 212-854-1919.
Everyone -- not just those at Columbia University -- should view this block as 'trouble.' Ergo, anyone who feels that one of the most prestigious universities in the US should NOT engage in political censorship should call Columbia and submit a 'Trouble Ticket.'
Feel free to cc or bcc with your submitted reports to Columbia University, and/or pass along your reactions. Please, also, generously hit the 'Share' button that accompanies this story on the website and share this CLG Action Alert to your listserves, social media contacts, and friends.

Sample error message that accompanies bounced CLG Newsletter from Columbia University recipient:
<>: host [] said: 554 5.7.1
    Message contains a link to web host www .presstv .ir listed by name at (in reply to end of DATA command)
Thank you.
Lori Price
Citizens for Legitimate Government