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Democrats 'talking up' Simpson-Bowles aka the Cat Food Commission

Democrats 'talking up' Simpson-Bowles aka the Cat Food Commission By Lori Price, 04 Sep 2012 President Obama's surrogates and other key Democrats are pimping bipartisanship again (which worked so well the first time, doncha' know) and pushing Simpson-Bowles aka 'Cat Food Commission...' while Obusha readies himself to speak at Bank of America Stadium in a 'right-to-work' state! Gag me with a chainsaw!

President Barack Obama might be allowed to 'win' and then cut Social Security, Medicare ad Medicaid. When Obama campaigned for for the 2008 Presidential Election, he promised to eliminate the Bush tax cuts. That position morphed -- like *so many others* -- into allowing the tax cuts sunset in 2010. That morphed a second time into a new promise to eliminate the portion of the Bush tax cuts that benefits the wealthy at the end of 2012.

But now, the writing is on the wall: Obama will implement this revised promise, in exchange for entitlement [sic] reform. Earth to DemocRATs: 'Bipartisanship' is code for giving the Republicans 98 percent of what they want, while the GOP whines before the corporate-pwned media and convinces them they were robbed.

Notice that Barack Obama is *silent* on the vote-suppression campaign waged throughout the US? He's fine with a RMoney (Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan) victory, since their policies, with the exception of cultural issues such as abortion, are virtually the same -- slumming with Monsanto and Goldman Sachs; deploying killer drones; supporting the PATRIOT Act; implementing detention without trial; engaging in endless wars for Exxon Mobil and Blackwater; slashing Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to pay contractors to pretend to train police forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan -- etc.

See how Obama played us? Michael Rectenwald was right.

 Obama - Romney