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'Deplorable NYU Professor' Slams Peers' Embrace of Antifa Violence

CLG (@legitgov) founder and lead editorialist, the @antipcnyuprof, is in LifeZette: 'Deplorable NYU Professor' Slams Peers' Embrace of Antifa Violence --Rectenwald says drive 'to silence and even destroy' opposing voices a natural outgrowth of political correctness | 23 Aug 2017 | An outspoken college professor is sounding the alarm on much of academia's nascent embrace of Antifa...The most blatant example was an op-ed written by Mark Bray, a visiting scholar at Dartmouth College, and published in The Washington Post, which defended Antifa violence on the grounds that it is "self-defense." ...One college professor, however, is slamming his peers' embrace of political violence, but says that such an embrace of violence is the inevitable consequence of the fundamentally totalitarian, intensely politically correct brand of "social justice" that for years has been a normal feature on most college campuses. "Mark Bray and other orthodox academic leftists equate 'Left' with 'good' and thus exonerate all activity undertaken on the Left's behalf as morally worthy and naturally defensible," Michael Rectenwald, a professor of liberal studies at New York University, told LifeZette.