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'Deplorable' NYU Professor Sues University, Colleagues for Defamation

'Deplorable' NYU Professor Sues University, Colleagues for Defamation --"This litigation will reveal some truly outrageous and shocking behavior." - Edward Paltzik, one of Michael Rectenwald's attorneys | 29 Jan 2018 | Liberal Studies professor [and CLG Founder] Michael Rectenwald, known for criticizing social justice and political correctness under the Twitter handle @antipcnyuprof, filed a defamation lawsuit against NYU and four of its professors on Jan. 12 in Manhattan Supreme Court. The professor, who proclaimed himself "deplorable," alleges in the lawsuit that fellow professors Jacqueline Bishop, Amber Frost, Carley Moore and Theresa Senft made false statements in a department-wide email exchange between May 8 and 12 of last year that have damaged his personal and professional life. He said in the lawsuit that NYU did not intervene when necessary to end the harmful accusations.