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'Deplorable' NYU prof slaps university, colleagues with lawsuit

'Deplorable' NYU prof slaps university, colleagues with lawsuit --The New York University professor made popular by his undercover 'Deplorable NYU prof' Twitter account is now suing his colleagues for defamation. | 31 Jan 2018 | The New York University professor [and CLG Founder] who launched an undercover Twitter account to attack identity politics on his campus is suing four colleagues and his school for defamation. Michael Rectenwald revealed in October that he was the professor behind the growing "Deplorable NYU Prof" account on Twitter, which claimed to expose the "viral identity politics of academia and its destruction of academic integrity." Rectenwald contends that "all hell broke loose" soon after, alleging in his lawsuit that he was unfairly forced to take a medical leave of absence, and that he was the subject of numerous "false" claims made in email threads among university staffers...Rectenwald told Campus Reform that the cumulative damage has nearly destroyed his academic future at NYU.