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Detective who found David Kelly's body raises questions over his death

'There wasn't much blood about': Detective who found weapons expert David Kelly's body raises questions over his death 08 Aug 2010 The mystery surrounding the death of Dr David Kelly deepened yesterday after the detective who found his body claimed he didn't see 'much blood'. The revelation by Detective Constable Graham Coe casts further doubt on the Hutton Report's verdict that the Ministry of Defence scientist died of blood loss after slitting his wrist. In his first interview, Mr Coe, now retired, also said that police searched Dr Kelly's home the day after his death for papers 'of a sensitive nature' about Iraq. Dr Kelly, an expert on biological and chemical weapons, was found dead in woodland near his Oxfordshire home in July 2003. A week earlier he had been exposed by the Labour government as the source of a BBC report claiming No 10 'sexed up' reports of Iraq's ability to deploy weapons of mass destruction.