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Done with MSNBC, its vaccine pimping and Lindsay Lohan

Done with MSNBC, its vaccine pimping and Lindsay Lohan --Open letter to Steve Capus, President of NBC News, from Lori Price, Editor-in-Chief of Citizens for Legitimate Government 23 Feb 2011

Dear Mr. Capus,
WHY does Faux News overtake MSNBC daily in the ratings department -- when it's, you know, Faux News?
Because people are tired of hearing about Lindsay Lohan and her alleged stolen necklace, Rihanna, etc., instead of actual news.
The final straw arrived today when Chris Jansing ('Jansing & Co.') decided to 'explore' -- by giving the segment approximately two minutes and only one viewpoint -- the recent Supreme Court ruling that families harmed by deadly vaccines cannot sue Scalia's pharma-terrorist overlords.
Ms. Jansing only had one guest to present one side: Dr. Nancy Snyderman. 'Dr. Nancy,' whose ratings -- I'm sure you recall, since it was your network -- *tanked* during the Baxter-born H1N1 flu scam because even then people were tired of Snyderman extolling the virtues of mercury-laden, squalene-filled vaccines that no one wanted or trusted. [See: Guilty of Insider Trading "Morning Joe" Features Dr. Nancy "Get your damn vaccine" Snyderman 04 Nov 2009.]
Incidentally, review your air-checks. MSNBC devoted more time on what Lindsay Lohan wore to court than the Supreme Court's 'Citizens United'-style ruling on vaccines.
Lori Price
Citizens For Legitimate Government