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Drone Hunting Permit


Well it is time to take back the *Fly the Friendly Skie* of the United States.

Imagine daily as No Fly Zones are being established here in AMERICA????

The Homeland Security has lost their Mind's as we read daily the of all the Terror Suspect's caught in this country and now in Yemem, That there is alway's a FBI or CIA Handler behind these and after getting their Patsy's past all Security they the (Protect and Serve) Law Enforcement are the One's the GIVE THEM THE BOMB'S! WTF!

Also, So much for Obama's Transparency of Government and protecting Whistle-Blowers.. I am sure the Man that LEAK the CIA Plot in Yemem will enjoy the New NDAA laws that applies to HIM but Not Obama.

Obama brought the Muslim brotherhood to Power, Gave them 1.5 Billion Dollars, In Libya and Syria Obama has sent Arms to the Al Qaeda to help with US Regiem Change. These Stories can't get worse as the Man who Signed the NDAA Law... Break's that LAW!


cool...I'll get to work on the UK version!

Cool - I can't wait to see the UK version of the 'Drone Hunting Permit!' --LRP