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EarthLink blocking CLG Newsletter since 24 December 2012

EarthLink blocking CLG Newsletter since 24 December 2012 --Hotmail, AT&T block update posted by Lori Price, 04 Jan 2013 CLGers, if you are subscribed to the CLG Newsletter roster with an domain, you have not received the CLG Newsletter since -- and possibly before -- 24 December 2012. CLG's webhoster, MayFirst, has received notification from EarthLink that their block has been removed. We'll see if that is the case. Meanwhile, please feel free to contact lori at, if you want the blocked/missed editions forwarded. On another front, MayFirst was taken steps to circumvent the blocks imposed by,, and Previously, switching the mail server's IP triggered a larger block by AT&T and its domains, including


The blocking of content, e-mail and other online media by Websites and ISP's is not new.  Several times I had to complain to the FCC, the Better Business Bureau, Congressional Oversight Committees, State, County and Township Cable and Internet oversite committees, bureaus or commissions over Comcast's blocking of content messages from  Comcast lawyers contacted me to say that it was an accident of their software programing blocking spammers.  The Comcast techs when called, just laughed at me.  I wasn't the only one who had this experience when contacting Comcast. 

Could it be that Comcast didn't like the coverage of the public comment hearings of the FCC on the merger and acquistion at the time of Comcast and NBC or was it just  coinsidence?  I suspect not.  Comcast stacked the hearing rooms with homeless people to keep people who wanted to testify or listen to the testimony from hearing what was going on.

I am not surprised by this behavior by this "corporate person" that is "more equal than others".  It is up to us, "we, the people" to hold both government and corporations accountable and protect our Constitutional Rights of Freedom of Speech, Press and Peacable Assembly.  Otherwise they will jus whither away or be stollen in the night.