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'Fast and Furious' Hypocrisy: Where was Fox News When the Pentagon Lost 200,000 Weapons in Iraq?

'Fast and Furious' Hypocrisy: Where Was Fox News When the Pentagon 'Lost' 200,000 Weapons in Iraq? --Faux News and Darrell Issa - not so fast, not so furious when it came to investigating the Bush regime for hundreds of thousands of weapons that went missing in Iraq and Afghanistan -- and likely landed in the hands of insurgents! By Lori Price, 10 Oct 2011 Where, also, was the *outcry* for investigations and subpoenas -- and 24/7 coverage by Fox -- when the Coalition Provisional Authority's billion$ went missing?

Fox News is *obsessed* with Attorney General Eric Holder over 'Operation Fast and Furious.' Today we read, House Committee to Subpoena Holder in 'Fast and Furious' Probe 09 Oct 2011 The House Oversight and Government Affairs Committee is planning to subpoena Attorney General Eric Holder this week to determine who in the Justice Department knew about "Operation Fast and Furious" -- the plan to let thousands of guns sold in the U.S. get into Mexican drug cartel hands -- and when they knew it. The subpoena targeting Holder aims to get at the heart of the authorization for the program, and when the people in charge decided the program was a problem.

Fair enough. But where was Faux News and Darrell Issa when nearly 200,000 weapons went missing in Iraq, whereupon the US was 'likely unintentionally providing weapons to bad actors [aka insurgents]?'

190,000 US weapons feared missing in Iraq 06 Aug 2007 More than 190,000 AK-47 assault rifles and pistols distributed to Iraqi forces by the US are missing, feared fallen into the hands of insurgents, a congressional watchdog warned today. The highest previous estimate of missing weapons was 14,000, but a new report from the government accountability office (GAO) said US military officials did not know what had happened to 30% of the weapons the US had given to Iraqi forces since 2004. "They really have no idea where they are," Rachel Stohl, a senior analyst at the Centre for Defence Information, told the Washington Post, which reported the GAO's findings. "It likely means that the United States is unintentionally providing weapons to bad actors."


Report: Pentagon lost almost 200,000 weapons in Iraq 06 Aug 2007 Nearly 200,000 U.S.-supplied rifles and pistols meant for Iraqi security forces are unaccounted for in Iraq, according to a report to Congress. Loose record-keeping caused the Pentagon and the U.S. command in Iraq to lose track of about 110,000 AK-47 rifles and 80,000 pistols provided to the new Iraqi national police and army, the Government Accountability Office told Congress. The investigative arm of Congress, the GAO also found that 250,000 pieces of body armor and helmets can't be accounted for.

Faux News and Darrell Issa - not so fast, not so furious in investigating the Bush regime:

Baghdad's 'missing' billions --'A huge scandal' 09 Nov 2006 In hearings on Capitol Hill in Washington, Democratic congressman Henry Waxman has emerged as the most vocal critic of the US' record on reconstruction. In particular, Mr Waxman says proper accounting procedures were ignored when large sums of Iraqi cash were handed over by the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) - the US-led body [of thieves and terrorists] that ran Iraq immediately after the war - to get Iraqi ministries functioning again. "I think we're looking at a huge scandal. The CPA handed over $8.8bn in cash to the Iraqi government even though that new government had no security or accounting system. "No one can account for it. We don't know who got that money," Mr Waxman said. Stuart Bowen is the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction. His task is to follow the paper trail - and after more than 100 investigations his work paints a grim picture of waste and mismanagement. Mr Bowen said billions of dollars were shrink-wrapped in plastic and flown out of the US to Baghdad. "It was $2bn a flight, and I know of at least six flights," he said.

$17-B for Iraq reconstruction missing after US invasion 20 Jun 2011 Iraq's parliament is chasing about $17 billion of Iraqi oil money it says was stolen after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion and has asked the United Nations for help to track it down. The missing money was shipped to Iraq from the United States to help with reconstruction after the ouster of Saddam Hussein. In a letter to the U.N. office in Baghdad last month, parliament's Integrity Committee asked for help to find and recover the oil money taken from the Development Fund of Iraq (DFI) in 2004 and lost in the chaos [stolen by Bush's Blackwater barbarians, etc.] that followed the invasion.

Gee, looky here! MORE weapons go missing, and so does Faux News!

Lost U.S. Weapons May Be Going to Taliban, GAO Says 12 Feb 2009 Tens of thousands of assault rifles and other firearms in Afghanistan are at risk of being stolen because U.S. officials have lost track of them, according to a congressionally ordered audit that warns that some weapons may already be in Taliban hands. The audit by the Government Accountability Office found that inventory controls were lacking for more than a third of the 242,000 light weapons donated to Afghan forces by the United States -- a stockpile that includes thousands of AK-47 assault rifles as well as mortars, machine guns and rocket-propelled grenade launchers.

Darrel Issa and Faux News

Lori Price is Editor-in-Chief of Citizens for Legitimate Government. More of her writings can be found here.