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Financial 'Overhaul' Wins Final Approval in House

Useless is as useless does: Financial 'Overhaul' Wins Final Approval in House 30 Jun 2010 The House on Wednesday adopted legislation to [pretend to] revamp the nation’s financial regulatory system, in a party line vote that illustrated how the partisan acrimony gripping Congress prevented cooperation even on the universally shared goal of averting future economic crises and government bailouts of big banks. The vote in the House was 237 to 192, with all but three Republicans standing in opposition to a measure that President Obama in his State of the Union speech said embodied one of the highest priorities of his administration: "serious financial reform." [Too bad Obusha didn't make any efforts to get actual financial reform. Obama was/is too busy surrendering to Scott Brown and his corporaterrorist paymasters. --LRP]