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Globalists, Corporations Funding Women's Marches Against Trump

Globalists, Corporations Funding Women's Marches Against Trump | 21 Jan 2017 | Burton Snowboards CEO is funding employee trips to Women's March on Washington | 19 Jan 2017 | Burton Snowboards president and CEO is Donna Carpenter. Jake Burton Carpenter, who founded what has become the largest snowboard brand in the world in his barn in Vermont in 1977...Carpenter, who has served on espnW's advisory board, plans to travel to Washington, D.C., on Saturday, the morning after Donald Trump's inauguration, to join an expected 200,000 people at the Women's March on Washington. On Jan. 5, Carpenter sent an email to all of Burton's female employees, offering to fund and lodge anyone interested in joining her in D.C. [espnW is a branch of ESPN Inc. Eighty percent of ESPN is owned by Walt Disney, the cheap labor, tax-avoiding globalists.]

This CEO Is Paying for Employees to Go to the Women's March | 19 Jan 2017 | Donna Carpenter, the CEO and co-owner of Burton Snowboards, told Cosmopolitan that she plans to be at the Women's March this weekend. And she'll be there with an entourage. The 53-year-old businesswoman offered her Vermont-based employees two nights in a hotel room and airfare (up to $250) if they too wanted to walk in the march with her.

Trip to DC protest funded by college offices | 18 Jan 2017 | Students watching coverage of the Women's March on Washington this Saturday may see some familiar faces. With support from the college, 48 students and two faculty members will attend the protest, not to mention students attending independently. The college offered financial support for a bus rental with money from from college offices and organizations, including the President's Office, the Elma Lewis Center, and Emerson Peace and Social Justice.

Billionaire George Soros has ties to more than 50 'partners' of the Women’s March on Washington | 20 Jan 2017 | To understand the march better, I stayed up through the nights this week, studying the funding, politics and talking points of the some 403 groups that are "partners" of the march. Is this a non-partisan "Women's March"?...I found out: plenty.

[Cui bono? The Women's March is subsidized and attended by corporatists and globalists, whom Trump has vowed to battle. Whether Trump keeps his word or not is moot at this point. The point is, virtue-signaling has become the tool du jour of the ruling class. --LRP]