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Google: CLG News 'does not comply with Names Policy'

Google: CLG News 'does not comply with Names Policy' by Lori Price, 02 Jul 2013 NSA buddy Google will not allow CLG News on Google+. After receiving countless promos at from Google to set up a 'Google+' account, I clicked to 'upgrade' to Google+. Google requested I select a different name, even though my Gmail address -- established years ago -- is clgnews at gmail dot com. When I declined to select another name, Google presented the option to 'click to appeal' to use CLG News as the owner for CLG News on Google+. On 28 June, I received an email from Google, which included the following comments.

After reviewing your appeal, we have determined that your name does not comply with the Google+ Names Policy. We want users to be able to find each other using the name they already use with their friends, family, and coworkers. For most people this is their legal name, or some variant of it, but we recognize that this isn't always the case, and we allow for other common names in Google+ -- specifically, those that represent an individual with an established online identity with a meaningful following.

CLG News, in fact, has a HUGE and 'established online identity with a meaningful following,' although NSA buddy Google doesn't 'see' that. Or, maybe they do, and that's the problem... See also: NSA buddy Google wants me to change my name, declaring 'CLG News' is 'too long' for people to remember by Lori Price 09 Dec 2012.


Here's a suggestion that ought to become standard policy for advocates of "intelligence" transparency. Because National Security Letters (NSLs) tend to have "nondisclosure" (gag orders) that prevent notification that an NSL was received, CLG and others can publish positive information regarding the absence of NSLs when NSLs are not present. This can be cleverly shown through web banner images that might indicate something like "NSL-free 31 days in May 2013" or "Never received a NSL as of July 2, 2013" that can be changed daily and not updated when it is no longer true. I haven not read the "statute" or seen a NSL, so there may be wording or other legalities that prevent this sort of "loophole" of the rules around disclosure. If there is such, then the "disappearance" of the positive message can be interpreted as a presence of the receipt of a NSL.

On a side note, I am wondering of unsubscribing from the CLG mailing list which always gets dropped in the Google "Spam" folder would now be seen as "suspicious" behavior. I knew i should have unsubscribed a few months ago.