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Google Filter Instructions for CLG Newsletter

Google Filter Instructions for CLG Newsletter by Lori Price, 26 Feb 2014 Please set a filter in Google to override their block. Here are the instructions. (Note: When I get them, I will add a filter for Mac folks.)Click on the CLG email to open it.On the top right-hand corner of the email (in the email header area), find the small triangle, pointing downward. When the mouse hovers over it, you will see its label, 'More.'Click on it. In the list of options, find the one labeled, 'Filter messages like these.'Click on it.A pop-up box will emerge.At the top, you will see:'list:'and'Has the words''list:'On the lower right-hand corner of the box, click on the words, 'Create filter with this search.'Another pop-up box will emerge, with the words 'list:' at the top.Under, 'When a message arrives that matches this search,' check the boxes:--Star it--Never send it to Spam--Always mark it as importantCheck the box: Categorize as:Under 'Choose category,' check 'Personal.'Check the box: Also apply filter to matching conversations.Then click button labeled, 'Create filter.'