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Government to overhaul bioterror and pandemic flu plans

Government to overhaul bioterror and pandemic flu plans 20 Aug 2010 Acknowledging that the development of medical countermeasures against bioterrorism threats and pandemic flu is lagging, federal authorities Thursday announced a $1.9-billion makeover of the system for identifying and manufacturing drugs and vaccines for public health emergencies. The effort would provide $822 million for upgrades to speed up production of pandemic flu vaccine [not to mention, the flu itself]. Another large block, $678 million, would be used to set up at least one private facility that would work under government contract with small companies to manufacture new products, develop new manufacturing processes and help produce vaccines during periods of peak [lack of] demand. [See: Third of WHO advisers on the swine flu epidemic that never was received support from drugs firms --Gov't squandered more than £1.2 billion tackling swine flu, most of it for vaccines 12 Aug 2010. See: New US vaccine production techniques: Genetically modified insect cells, E. coli, caterpillar ovaries 24 Nov 2009 'Spurred by $487 million in federal funding, a sprawling new vaccine factory is opening in North Carolina Tuesday that will produce shots using dog cells instead of chicken eggs.']