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Help CLG News Continue in 2020

Help CLG News Continue in 2020

Dear CLG News readers, We need your help to continue in the year 2020.

We haven't sent a support request since August, as we've been busy exposing Deep-State/corporate globalist crimes and cover-ups and compiling news items that receive 'less attention' in the media. The last CLG newsletter was sent this morning, "WikiLeaks: Chemical Weapons Watchdog Ordered Deletion of Findings That Syrian 'Chemical Attack' May Have Been Staged." It may have landed in your spam bin (to learn why, get this book by [CLG founder] Michael Rectenwald, Google Archipelago).

Please help keep CLG's vital voice afloat, and know that we appreciate every contributor. Thank you so much to all who have donated online, via the US mail, and also those who contribute on a monthly basis!

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