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Hotmail, MSN blocking CLG Newsletter

The block is back, 16 Nov 2012: Hotmail, MSN blocking CLG Newsletter 11 Nov 2012 Apparently, Microsoft does not like the CLG.,, and subscribers did not receive recent editions of the CLG Newsletter. CLG's webhoster, MayFirst, has submitted paperwork to remove the block of CLG's IP. If you use Hotmail, Live, or MSN, please feel free to let me know if you receive your CLG Newsletter again.


Received my CLG e-mail today (11/11/12). I'm on a Hotmail address.

I am in India and Rediff is a company that has a good email program.  Maybe we should all get accounts from other countries...they are free too..  let's put Yahoo! (I cannot even forward emails anymore they have made so many stupid changes!), Hotmail, Google (who gets into your privacy and shares your information with everyone) out of business.

I get your emails through Yahoo! and I do remember getting suddenly your 5 updates so I guess I did not receive some of your emails at one time or another as well.

We need our freedom of speech and privacy protected.  Not sold to the highest bidder.

America is going down the toilet.