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Hurricane Irma has entered a class all its own

Hurricane Irma has entered a class all its own | 06 Sept 2017 | Irma is one of the strongest hurricanes to ever move across the Atlantic basin. It is coming on the heels of Harvey, the first category 4 storm to reach the United States mainland since Charley hit Florida in 2004. Since Harvey and Irma were both major hurricanes, it's tempting to make comparisons. Some of these are valid, others not so much. Irma really has entered a class of its own, with an intensity that is quite rare...Harvey's minimum atmospheric pressure of 938 millibars was typically low for a hurricane, but Irma's low of 914 millibars [!] put it in the top 10 lowest in the Atlantic and actually the lowest in the area of the Atlantic it is moving through (outside of the western Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico). Irma has already set many records as of Wednesday morning; perhaps there are more to come. The winds of 185 miles per hour ties for the second-strongest winds of all time in Atlantic hurricanes.