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Investigation Is Sought Into Primary in S. Carolina

Investigation Is Sought Into Primary in S. Carolina 11 Jun 2010 Calls are mounting for an investigation into Alvin Greene, the candidate who surprised pretty much everyone by winning the South Carolina Democratic primary for the United States Senate on Tuesday. State Democratic officials have urged Mr. Greene to quit the contest against Senator Jim DeMint, a Republican, and top lawmakers, including Representative James E. Clyburn, began suggesting on Thursday that Mr. Greene was a "plant." Mr. Clyburn, the House Democratic majority whip, called for a federal investigation because of reports that Mr. Greene, who told television reporters and others that he is unemployed, somehow paid the more than $10,000 filing fee to run for the Senate. [See: Keith Olbermann's interview Thursday with Alvin Greene 'Meet Alvin Greene' on MSNBC's 'Countdown.']