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Lawyer: Stuck Throttle Found in Car of Imprisoned Toyota Driver

 Lawyer: Stuck Throttle Found in Car of Imprisoned Toyota Driver 21 Apr 2010 The lawyer for a Toyota owner serving an eight-year prison sentence for vehicular homicide says a new inspection of his car found a possible fault in the car's cruise control that may have jammed the throttle into an open position. "There is enough evidence now to support a new trial," said Robert Hilliard, the lawyer for Koua Fong Lee, 32, of St. Paul, Minnesota, who was convicted following a 2006 accident that killed three people when his car slammed into a vehicle at a stop sign.


Toyota cars have been one of the most reliable japanese brands that ever hit the North American Market! Although it's an isolated incident involving a Toyota vehicle it is still a faulty system in the quality control department in which the said vehicle and toyota camry parts are put together and make its way to the showroom! However much more concerns are still in debate in the runaway Prius - the hybrid model of the car.