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MDR replies to apparent Zionist sympathizer

MDR replies to apparent Zionist sympathizer --Michael Rectenwald, CLG News, responds to critic who believes CLG treats 'Am Yisrael' unfairly By Lori Price, 22 Jul 2014 On Tuesday, CLG received an email from a subscriber. He wrote, "Lose my e-mail. Your reports are excessively tendentious against Am Yisrael." Dr. Michael Rectenwald provided the following response.
Dear S, Our posts have included no complaints about or criticisms of the Israeli people, per se. Our qualms are with the Israeli *government.* Similarly, we regularly criticize the U.S. government for its military expeditions and adventurism. By these criticisms, we imply nothing with respect to U.S. citizens, as such. We know that the majority, the working class, has no role in deciding international or other policies.


Where the Israeli people support their government's mistreatment of Palestinians or others, anyone and everyone has the right to criticize them for their acceptance or even support of such mistreatment. I personally will never allow the canard of anti Semitism to prevent me from criticizing when it is neccesary to do so. Don't let some angry Zionist force you to stop criticizing when it behooves you to do so for the greater good.