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MSNBC: Wall-to-wall coverage of Charlie Sheen's meltdown, silent on nuclear meltdown

MSNBC: Wall-to-wall coverage of Charlie Sheen's meltdown, silent on nuclear meltdown --GE: 'We Bring Good Censorship To Life.' By Lori Price, 12 Mar 2011 Earlier this week, MSNBC spent *hours* covering Lindsay Lohan's court appearance -- including, of course, her courtroom attire -- for an allegedly stolen necklace. But MSNBC has, to this point, censored entirely the nuclear catastrophe in Japan. Hours upon hours of air-time were devoted to Charlie Sheen's 'meltdown,' but MSNBC chose to air its 'Lockup' series on Friday evening/Saturday morning, sans interruption. MSNBC failed to even cut in with a news alert of the explosion -- and possible meltdown -- of Japan's quake-hit Fukushima No.1 nuclear Plant.


Good. Why is it important to hear the same new constantly on every station?

How can you say "good"?  Do you not even recognize the scope of a nuclear core meltdown?  Should Soviet media have kept what was happening at Chernobyl quiet?

GE manufactures nuclear plants, and they're also a major owner of MSNBC.  They don't want to damage the "image" of nuclear power, carefully crafted to lull the public into a sense of complacency about it.

The media's job is to inform.  It's not to incite fears, but to let people know what is happening.  It's unconscionable that they would not inform the American public about the scale of the damabe to a huge nuclear facility.

What really blows my mind is that you think censorship for corporate gain is a good idea!  Did you whimper when the same news about Charlie Sheen was on every station?

You're a fool.  Unfortunately, you're probably too ignorant to be ashamed.

The media moguls once again attempt to guide the eye of the sheeple away from reality.

On the other hand, Rachel Maddow on Friday night had a whole segment on the nuclear meltdown issue, including an expert who said this was by far the most serious ramification of the earthquake.

Yes, occasionally, a class traitor and faux leftist like Maddow, by 'virtue' of hosting a purported 'news' show, will necessarily report on things of import. She has no principles and is a Democratic apologist of the worst kind, but at least she can speak English, although she greatly over-estimates her own intellectual capacities.