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Media Reports Death of Al-Qaeda No. 3 Killed in 2008

Media Reports Death of Al-Qaeda No. 3 Killed in 2008 --It's the holiday weekend recycled al-Qaeda 'good' news dump By Lori Price, 01 Jun 2010  Oh dear. IDF sociopaths are set loose on a Gaza aid flotilla, BP's eco-terrorism is destroying the planet, and Barack Obama's killer drone war crimes are under fire by the UN. Ergo, the Pentagon needs a distraction... and pronto! It's time to recycle an al-Qaeda No. 2 3! ...On Monday evening and Tuesday morning, The New York Times and The Washington Post both 'broke' a story. 'Al-Qaeda's third-ranking operative, an Egyptian who was a founding member of the terrorist network and a key conduit to Osama bin Laden,' has been killed in Pakistan by a US drone strike. The alleged al-CIAduh No. 3, Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, is also known as Sheikh Saeed al-Masri. However, Saeed al-Masri was reported 'killed' in August 2008.


You guys are on the money again---when i saw the news report I immediately thought that it seemed that the Pentagon was running interference for the IDF and diverting the media's attention from the IDF murders of human rights activists---thanks for confirming my suspicions!.