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Michael Rectenwald interview - Bush policies continue under Obama

Michael Rectenwald interview - Bush policies continue under Obama --Discussion of Obama's continuation and extension of the Bush policies, practices and atrocities. 07 Jul 2010 Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D., was interviewed on 'The Rob Kall Bottom Up Radio Show Podcast' regarding the continuation of Bush policies under Obama, and his resignation from the Democratic Party. Listen to CLG Founder and Editorialist Michael Rectenwald share his thoughts on the 2000 stolen 'election,' Barack Obama, the history of CLG, and a whole lot more!


But I don't have or want iTunes and it says you have to be logged in to OpEdNews, where I'm banned, in order to hear it.

Any chance you'll make a transcript available?

Hi, I'll ask about a transcript (good idea), but in the meantime, can you download it to your desktop as an MP3 then play it? I am not logged in and was able to do that. If you have further questions, pls. write to webmaster at instead of here. BTW, being banned from some sites is a badge of honor. I am not allowed to post on Daily Creepy Kos (as CLG was deemed a 'conspiracy site' for questioning 9/11 'oddities' and the lab-generated flu pandemics) or democRATicunderground (for same). <g>