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Ministers to okay call up of 75,000 troops

Ministers to okay call up of 75,000 troops 16 Nov 2012 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened his nine top ministers for a special discussion Friday evening, on the third day of Operation Pillar of Defense [puke] in Gaza. Meanwhile, Cabinet Secretary Zvi Hauser conducted a telephone survey among the government ministers to approve the call up of 75,000 soldiers. According to a state official, "We are going to significantly aggravate the operation." At the same time, Air Force planes attacked a rocket-launching cell in the Gaza Strip. Southern communities were bombarded with rockets throughout the day, and several rockets were also fired at Tel Aviv and the Jerusalem area.


If man should have learned anything from war, is that he does not have the intelligence, or possibly, the desire to avoid it. It is, indeed, a detriment to all of mankind that our ersatz world leaders(?) suffer such intellectual impairment! Perhaps the wits -at least the half they have left to them, of these self -styled world leaders would be sharpened in opposition to such conflicts, if they, its instigators, as well as those who vote for, espouse, and, particularly, those who profit from it, were required by Law to be in the front lines of all of its ensuing battles. If there was ever such a Law, we would soon see and end to all wars!        Tom Nass
5th Marine Division - WWII