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Uganda Says Islamists Behind Bombings That Killed 70

Uganda Says Islamists Behind Bombings That Killed 70 12 Jul 2010 At least 70 people died in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, in two bomb attacks yesterday suspected to have been carried out by Somali insurgents linked to al-Qaeda, Ugandan security officials said. The blasts occurred at two bars where crowds were watching the soccer World Cup final, Fred Opolot, director of the Uganda Media Center, told reporters today in the city.

Amazon River Dolphins Being Slaughtered for Bait

Amazon River Dolphins Being Slaughtered for Bait 12 Jul 2010 The bright pink color gives them a striking appearance in the muddy jungle waters. That Amazon river dolphins are also gentle and curious makes them easy targets for nets and harpoons as they swim fearlessly up to fishing boats. Now, their carcasses are showing up in record numbers on riverbanks, their flesh torn away for fishing bait, causing researchers to warn of a growing threat to a species that has already disappeared in other parts of the world.

EE. UU. aumenta flota militar en aguas ticas para combatir narco

EE. UU. aumenta flota militar en aguas ticas para combatir narco --Congreso autorizó ingreso de 46 buques de guerra, 200 helicópteros y 7.000 marines 01 Jul 2010 El Congreso autorizó anoche la llegada de 46 buques de guerra estadounidenses a las costas costarricenses entre el 1.° de julio y el 31 de diciembre de este año, para realizar operaciones antinarcóticos y en misiones humanitarias. Además de los buques, con capacidad para transportar 200 helicópteros y aviones de guerra, tienen permiso de venir al país 7.000 marines estadounidenses que podrán transitar uniformados por el territorio nacional. Los marines estadounidenses podrán entrar y salir del país a su antojo, lo que no implica que toda la fuerza bélica esté en un solo momento concentrada aquí.

US Marines Set to Invade Costa Rica

US Marines Set to Invade Costa Rica 05 Jul 2010 The online gambling friendly Central American nation of Costa Rica is about to be invaded by US marines. The United States is sending 46 war ships, 200 helicopters and 7,000 Marines to 'help' in Costa Rica's efforts to rid itself of drug cartels, smugglers, gangs and, quite possibly, even a bookmaker or two. Costa Rica does not have an army and its police force has a reputation for corruption. In recent years the crime rate continues to escalate.  The Costa Rican press doesn't seem all too thrilled by these latest developments.

IDF officer indicted for sexual offenses against 11 underage girls, harassing thousands of others

IDF officer indicted for sexual offenses against 11 underage girls, harassing thousands of others 11 Jul 2010 Eyal Nahum, an Israel Defense Forces soldier who was recently arrested for sexual harassment, was indicted on Sunday on charges that he harassed thousands of underage girls over the internet, giving them sexual education lessons... He had sexual intercourse with four of them, according to the indictment. In two cases, Nahum is suspected of blackmailing 12-year-old girls with threats that he would post nude photos of them online if they didn't comply with his demands – turn on a camera and do as instructed. [Gee, wouldn't it be nice if Hamas finds this predator?]

Arizona warned of 2nd lawsuit

Arizona warned of 2nd lawsuit 11 Jul 2010 The Obama administration could file yet another lawsuit against Arizona if it decides racial profiling is taking place under that state's new immigration law, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said. Mr. Holder's Justice Department sued Tuesday to block the law, arguing that it infringed on the federal government's right to determine immigration policy. But the lawsuit made almost no mention of racial profiling... The attorney general, speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival last week in an interview aired on CBS on Sunday, said the pre-emption argument was the "strongest initial argument" against the law. If the law goes into effect despite the lawsuit, he said, federal officials will watch for profiling.

Brazil: Air France jet lands after bomb threat

Brazil: Air France jet lands after bomb threat 11 Jul 2010 An Air France passenger jet from Rio to Paris that made an emergency landing in northeastern Brazil with 405 passengers aboard due to a bomb threat was scheduled to take off again Sunday night after no explosive was found on board. Solange Argenta, a spokeswoman with the Brazilian government's airport authority, Infraero, said Sunday that authorities inspected the plane and its luggage "and no explosive was found."

Holder Unsure About Death Penalty for Terrorism Suspects in Military Tribunals

Holder Unsure About Death Penalty for Terrorism Suspects in Military Tribunals 11 Jul 2010 U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says it's not clear whether a terrorism suspect like self-proclaimed 9/11 planner patsy Khalid Sheikh Mohammed can face the death penalty if he were to plead guilty before a military tribunal. HOLDER: You can certainly seek the death penalty. There are real questions to whether or not someone can plead guilty and get the death penalty on the military side; you can certainly do that in a civilian setting.

Afghanistan governor killed in blast

Afghanistan governor killed in blast 11 Jul 2010 A Bomb explosion has killed a district governor in northern Afghanistan amid a surge in militant attacks against the government forces in the volatile region. Afghan officials say the governor of Qala-i-Zal district in Konduz Province, was killed after his car was hit by a roadside bomb. Two others people were also wounded in that attack, the responsibility for which was claimed by the Taliban.

Israel: No ship allowed to reach Gaza

Israel: No ship allowed to reach Gaza 11 Jul 2010 Israel insists it will not allow any seaborne convoy to reach the Gaza Strip, which it has kept under an all-out siege for more than three years. "I say very clearly, no ship will arrive in Gaza. We will not permit our sovereignty to be harmed," Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Army Radio on Sunday, Reuters reported.

US-led soldier killed in Afghanistan

US-led soldier killed in Afghanistan 11 Jul 2010 Another soldier serving with the US-led coalition in Afghanistan has been killed in the country's south as the Taliban intensify their operations in the volatile region. The soldier was killed in an attack by the militants, NATO said on Sunday. Earlier, the western military alliance announced the deaths of six foreign soldiers in Afghanistan.

Pakistan blast death toll reaches to 104

Pakistan blast death toll reaches to 104 --The bombs went off near a large crowd lining up at a government office for new national identity cards. 10 Jul 2010 The death toll of Friday's twin bombings in Pakistan's Mohmand agency has reached 104, making it the deadliest attack this year in the country. A local official told Press TV that over 100 injured have been admitted to different hospitals and most are in critical condition. The officials say more bodies have been recovered from the debris of collapsed buildings in the town of Yakaghund and some of the injured died overnight.

Baghdad kills 58,000 stray dogs in 3-month span

Baghdad kills 58,000 stray dogs in 3-month span 10 Jul 2010 Teams of veterinarians and police shooters have killed some 58,000 stray dogs in and around the Iraqi capital over the past three months as part of a campaign to curb an increasing number of strays blamed for attacks on residents. The Baghdad provincial government said in a statement released Sunday that 20 teams have been moving around Baghdad and the outer-lying districts daily looking for and putting down the dogs.

Ireland seeks to block Israel access to data on EU citizens

Ireland seeks to block Israel access to data on EU citizens --Irish government retaliates over use of forged Irish passports by alleged Mossad spies in Dubai assassination. 11 Jul 2010 Ireland is seeking to stop a European Union initiative that would enable Israel to receive sensitive information about European citizens, due to concerns about the use that Israel would make of this information, the Irish minister for justice said over the weekend. In what may be another blow to Israel's international status, Dermott Ahern said that since Israel allegedly used forged Irish passports to carry out the hit on Hamas official Mohammed al-Mabhouh in Dubai, Israel should not be allowed access to this data.

BP Aims to Cap Well by July 27 Earnings

BP Sets New Spill Target --Aims to Cap Well by July 27 Earnings; Backup Plans as Obama, Cameron Meet 07 Jul 2010 BP PLC is pushing to fix its runaway Gulf oil well by July 27, possibly weeks before the deadline the company is discussing publicly, in a bid to show investors it has capped its ballooning financial liabilities, according to company officials... The July 27 target date is the day the company is expected to report second-quarter earnings and will speak to investors. BP also wants to show progress by July 20, the day U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron is scheduled to visit the White House.

Oil Flows Freely in Gulf as BP Readies New Cap

Oil Flows Freely in Gulf as BP Readies New Cap --Three-Day Process of Switching Caps Expected to Let as Many as 15,000 Barrels of Oil Gush into Gulf [Notice the a**wipes aka BP did this under weekend cover, when less people are paying attention?] 10 Jul 2010 On Saturday, the [phony] fight to contain the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico took one step backward with the hope of making one huge step forward. Robotic subs removed the well cap so it can be replaced with a more complete seal, CBS News reports. Oil will flow freely for at least two days until the tighter dome is put in place, which could potentially capture all the oil leaking into the ocean.

Psychology group backs CIA detainee torture claim

Psychology group backs CIA detainee torture claim --Mitchell is retired Air Force psychologist who participated in the 2002 CIA interrogation of detainee Abu Zubaydah 10 Jul 2010 Psychologists in the United States have been warned by their professional group not to take part in torturing detainees prisoners in U.S. custody. Now the American Psychological Association has taken the unprecedented step of supporting an attempt to strip the license of a psychologist accused of overseeing the torture of a CIA prisoner. The APA has told a Texas licensing board in a letter mailed July 1 that the allegations against Dr. James Mitchell represent "patently unethical" actions inconsistent with the organization's ethics guidelines.

Pentagon allows banned reporter to return to Guantánamo

Pentagon allows banned reporter to return to Guantánamo 09 Jul 2010 The Pentagon on Thursday reversed its ban on a Miami Herald reporter from covering military tribunals at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and said the reporter can return to the naval base there to cover a hearing next week. In an e-mail sent Thursday, Bryan G. Whitman, the principal deputy assistant secretary of defense for public affairs, said that Carol Rosenberg "will be permitted" to attend a hearing scheduled for Monday. The decision comes a week after a coalition of major news organizations protested as unconstitutional the rules that were used in May to ban Rosenberg and three Canadian reporters from the tribunals.

BP Cuts Payments to 40,000, La. Official Says

BP Cuts Payments to 40,000, La. Official Says --State Cabinet Member Tells Federal Gov't of 'Devastating' Cuts for Thousands 10 Jul 2010 BP has decided to reduce payments to tens of thousands of people whose claim files are [allegedly] incomplete, the secretary of Louisiana's Department of Children and Family Services said. "This action is irresponsible and in complete contrast to BP's repeated promise that they will 'make things right,'" the secretary, Kristy Nichols, wrote in a letter sent Friday to federal oil spill claims administrator Kenneth Feinberg.

Armed men open fire kill 13 in E Afghanistan

Armed men open fire kill 13 in E Afghanistan 10 Jul 2010 Unknown armed men opened fire on a civilian vehicle in Paktia province east of Afghanistan killing 13 commuters on Saturday, spokesman for provincial administration Rohullah Samoon said. "The bloody incident took place in Chamkani district at 11:00 a.m. local time as a result 13 innocent civilians including two Afghans and 11 Pakistanis were martyred," Samoon told Xinhua. Three more civilians were injured in the attack.

Foreign powers involved in terrorism in Pakistan: intelligence chief

Well, knock me over with a feather: Foreign powers involved in terrorism in Pakistan: intelligence chief  09 Jul 2010 Chief of Pakistan's top intelligence agency, Inter-service Intelligence (ISI), Ahmed Shuja Pasha, said Thursday that the western powers are involved in the terror activities in the country, according to a local TV Channel Samaa report. During a briefing at the National Security Committee session chaired by Senator Raza Rabbani, the chief said "foreign powers are involved in terrorism and destabilization of the country."

IDF tracking aid ship: Any attempt to reach Gaza will be thwarted

IDF tracking aid ship: Any attempt to reach Gaza will be thwarted 10 Jul 2010 The Israeli Navy is planning to keep track of the Libyan aid ship to make certain it does not try to dock in Gaza, this despite documents indicating that the vessel's destination is the El Arish harbor in Egypt. The ship set sail from Greece on Saturday... "Any deviation from the original course, which will lead the ship to Gaza, will be blocked by the Navy," an IDF official said Saturday night. "In case those on board fail to follow our instructions to stop and allow the Navy vessels to escort them, we will not hesitate to employ other methods to stop them."

Afghans protest US killing of civilians

Afghans protest US killing of civilians 10 Jul 2010 Angry Afghans have taken to the streets of Mazar-e-Sharif to protest against the rising number of civilian casualties at the hands of US-led troops. Hundreds of protesters chanted slogans against foreign forces and Afghan President Hamid Karzai. The demonstration followed the killing of two civilians by US troops on the outskirts of the northern Afghan city on Wednesday. NATO soldiers also killed one Afghan and arrested nine others in Paktia province.

Fingerprints Required at Calif. Skate Park

Fingerprints Required at Calif. Skate Park --Skaters will have to register their fingerprints and have photo taken in advance 09 Jul 2010 (CA) A popular skate park in Poway, California, unveiled a new security measure Friday that is being met with some opposition. At the Poway Skate Park, surveillance cameras capture the every move of every visitor. Additionally, motion detectors are also present and a wrought iron fence surrounds the park. After 6 p.m., a fingerprint scan will be required in order to enter the skate park.

Blast rocks Afghan city of Kandahar

Blackwater is a busy little bee! Blast rocks Afghan city of Kandahar 10 Jul 2010 A massive bomb blast has rocked the southern Afghan city of Kandahar amid a surge in violence against civilians in the violence-wracked country. At least one civilian was killed and several others were wounded in the bombing attack which took place in a shopping center in Kandahar on Saturday. Afghan officials said the bomb was planted on a parked motorcycle.

Six US troops killed in Afghanistan

Six US troops killed in Afghanistan 10 Jul 2010 Six American soldiers have been killed in separate incidents in Afghanistan, as militants step up their attacks against the foreign forces stationed in the country. NATO said in a statement that three of the troops died in the country's east and two more were killed in the south.

1.8M acres of Alaska drilling leases go up for bid

1.8M acres of Alaska drilling leases go up for bid 09 Jul 2010 The Interior Department is offering oil and gas leases on 1.8 million acres of Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve... Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Friday that the Bureau of Land Management will offer 190 tracts, covering more than 2,800 square miles, with bids to be opened Aug. 11 in Anchorage. The sale is one of dozens, mostly in Western states, that Salazar announced in November. [Impeach Obusha *now.*]

2 US-led soldiers killed in Afghanistan

2 US-led soldiers killed in Afghanistan 10 Jul 2010 A bomb explosion has killed at least two more US-led soldiers in southern Afghanistan against a backdrop of increased violence in the war-ravaged nation. The troops were killed in a roadside bomb explosion in the province of Qandahar on Friday, NATO forces in the country have announced without disclosing the nationality of the fallen soldiers and the exact location of the explosion.

New Palin biography aimed at 9- to 12-year-olds

New Palin biography aimed at 9- to 12-year-olds [her academic peers] 09 Jul 2010 You might call it Sarah Palin's introduction to the cubs [that she wants to kill]. A biography of the former Alaska [half] governor and self-described "mama grizzly" is set for release in September by Christian book publisher Zondervan. "Speaking Up: The Sarah Palin Story," is one in a series of biographies aimed at 9- to 12-year-old readers.

UN agency says apartheid wall is illegal

UN agency says apartheid wall is illegal 09 Jul 2010 A United Nations agency says Israel's apartheid wall is illegal because it makes it difficult for Palestinians living in the West Bank to get proper healthcare. A report published by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) on Friday has found that thousands of Palestinians have limited access to hospitals in East al-Quds (Jerusalem) because of the apartheid wall.


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