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New Hampshire Lawmaker Resigns After "Dead Palin" Comment

New Hampshire Lawmaker Resigns After "Dead Palin" Comment 12 Aug 2010 A Democratic New Hampshire state lawmaker has resigned after speculating on Facebook about Sarah Palin's death. A second New Hampshire Democrat, an activist running for the state legislature, is apologizing for the same gaffe. Responding to a thread on Facebook, New Hampshire State Rep. Timothy Horrigan reportedly posted a message Wednesday night that read, "Well a dead Palin wd be even more dangerous than a live one...she is all about her myth & if she was dead she cldn't commit any more gaffes." Today, Horrigan posted on his website a resignation letter to the New Hampshire House speaker. [Democrats don't want Sarah Palin dead. She's their greatest asset! Without the Sarah Palin, how could they threaten their disaffected voters so that they stay in line and vote for the party? After all, what do they have to offer other than that they're not the Republicans (in name, at least)? These Republican bogeys are the Democrats' best friends. --Michael Rectenwald]