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Oath Keepers to Organize Security Team to 'Protect Businesses' in Ferguson

Oath Keepers to Organize Security Team to 'Protect Businesses' in Ferguson 24 Nov 2014 By Oath Keepers: We are looking for volunteers who are able to travel to Ferguson, Missouri (preferably those within reasonable driving range). We have some Oath Keepers near Ferguson who are attempting to organize a security team to defend minority owned businesses there...See below for a list of specific skill-sets and experience we are looking for, and who you need to contact if you want to volunteer. Here are the skills/experience we are looking for:1. Police Officers (preferably with 5 years or more experience) street cops or corrections.2. Forward deployed assets, such as scouts, with binocular range finder and requisite equipment, and the right field experience.3. Communications experts, HAM and/or FRS radios.4. Direct action infantry (11B or 0311), need to have own gear, such as body armor, tactical lights and cold weather gear. etc. Personal Security Detail training and experience a plus.5. Photographers with video and still-camera, preferably with combat experience, or similar high stress field experience. Also, we prefer that they have their own body armor and cold weather gear.6. Private drone operators, with drone mounted cameras.7. Truck drivers (4WD) (military experience preferred).