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Obama has out-Bushed Bush

Obama has out-Bushed Bush. This list is under construction! By Lori Price, 27 May 2010

War funding we can believe in: Obama seeks $205 billion for Iraq, Afghan wars 26 Feb 2009 Occupations we can believe in: 50,000 US troops to remain in Iraq under Obama 'withdrawal' plan 25 Feb 2009
Bagram black hole we can believe in: Obama denies terror suspects right to trial --Human rights groups [but not CLG] shocked by refusal to reverse Bush policy in Afghanistan 22 Feb 2009

Budget secrecy we can believe in: W. House: DoD Officials Must Vow Secrecy on Budget 19 Feb 2009
CIA sites we can believe in: US president allows short-term CIA sites --Officials say temporary facilities around the world can be used for number of reasons 29 Jan 2009

Still more renditions we can believe in: Barack Obama grants CIA permission to retain right to carry out renditions 02 Feb 2009

Still more Republicans we can believe in: Obama names third Republican to cabinet --A further bow to the right By Barry Grey 04 Feb 2009

Extraordinary rendition we can believe in: Obama Administration Maintains Bush Position on 'Extraordinary Rendition' Lawsuit 09 Feb 2009

State secrets we can believe in: Obama Administration Backs Bush Secrecy Policy in Terror Case 10 Feb 2009
Mercenaries we can believe in: KBR Awarded Convoy Support Center Contract by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 28 Jan 2009
Torture architects we can believe in: Obama lawyers set to defend Yoo 28 Jan 2009

Air strikes we can believe in: Obama ordered Waziristan airstrikes --Guardian report says US commanders consulted president before Friday's missile attacks 25 Jan 2009
Loopholes we can believe in: A Loophole In the Rules --In a national-security crisis, Obama could deviate from his own rules. 24 Jan 2009

Eavesdropping we can believe in: Obama Sides With Bush in Spy Case --'President Barack Obama adopted the same position as his predecessor.' 22 Jan 2009

Defense lobbyists we can believe in: Obama Picks Lobbyist as Pentagon No. 2 09 Jan 2009
Mission creep we can believe in: The Pentagon is muscling in everywhere. It's time to stop the mission creep. By Thomas A. Schweich 21 Dec 2008

Warmongers we can believe in: Obama wants Bush war team to stay 23 Dec 2008

Silence we can believe in: Obama's silence on Israeli airstrikes disappoints many 29 Dec 2008
Spies we can believe in: President-Elect Obama May Keep Mike Hayden as Director of the CIA 05 Dec 2008

War criminals we can believe in: Obama Plans to Retain Gates at Defense Department 26 Nov 2008

Bailout critters we can believe in: Obama's Bailout Bunch Brings Us More of the Same By Jonathan Weil 11 Nov 2008

Bush trolls we can believe in: Obama Wants Lieberman to Stay With Dem Caucus 11 Nov 2008

Republicans we can believe in: Obama advisers signal Republican roles in administration 10 Nov 2008
Surges we can believe in: British troops 'cannot bear brunt of Barack Obama's Afghanistan surge' 09 Nov 2008

Big business we can believe in: Obama reassures big business on economic policy By Patrick Martin 8 Nov 2008
Barack Obama: Change We Can Deceive In* --A critique from the Left
By Lori Price, 19 Aug 2009

*Essay title attributed to Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D.
Lori Price is Managing Editor of Citizens For Legitimate Government.