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Obama is president of extra-judicial killing, says ex-Guantanamo inmate

Obama is president of extra-judicial killing, says ex-Guantánamo inmate --Guantánamo: 'It is like a town now and every thing around it has continued to expand. It seems that this is a permanent facility and they intend to keep it as such.' 13 Nov 2010 US President Barack Obama’s attempts to reach out to Muslims have been an “utter failure” given his broken promises on several issues including closing Guantánamo Bay detention facility, former inmate Moazzam Begg has said. Begg, a British national who spent two years in Guantánamo before being released in 2005, fears the detention centre may become permanent. Begg, whose organisation, Cageprisoners, recently expanded its work to include the highlighting of extra-judicial killings, particularly the use of drone strikes, argued little had changed despite Obama’s promises.