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Obama suggests value-added tax may be an option

Obama suggests value-added tax may be an option 21 Apr 2010 President Barack Obama suggested Wednesday that a new value-added tax on Americans is still on the table, seeming to show more openness to the idea than his aides have expressed in recent days. Before deciding what revenue options are best for dealing with the deficit and the economy, Obama said in an interview with CNBC, "I want to get a better picture of what our options are."


Obama needs to hear it:


No VAT in the USA!  Needs more money?  Fine...impose taxation on derivative trading, credit swaps and commodity trades.

Keep VAT outta here...while you're at it, re-regulate all 'utilities' corporatize energy.

Thwart and reverse the impoverishment of Americans.

Relinquish USA membership in GATT, NAFTA, and the WTO.  Quit homogenizing America to the lowest common denominator.  Stop funding US consulting companies like ICF, awarding huge federal dollars  conduct energy research in China for China.  Repeal the ludicrous "Millenium" Challenge Grants... quit wasting US tax dollars everywhere  in the world and treating Americans like crap. Get real with the visa issuance system which today is worse than swiss cheese.  Inexcuseable.

Obama, get rid of Geitner and your Wall St. advisors from Goldman Sachs who contributed beyond $1 million to your campaign which you refuse to return.  Your advisors are ignorant arrogrant f'ckers and your agenda  

for this country is superficial and dangerous.

 You demonstrate an inability to think critically and to make Presidential decisions that are good for America. No.  You prefer to piss away hard earned, dear tax money on showy image stuff; to waste zillions on electric vehicle infrastructure when the jury is still out on the reality of this automotive technology and the energy pressure on utilities to produce the electiricty that will be needed when you don't even know how many people will be overjoyed to pay over $40,000 for a Nissan Leaf in the USA when the Chinese laugh at it as they pay in cash for new fabulous automobiles that run on fossil fuels.

Noone in your Administration is looking out for the USA's national security with respect to resource needs.  For instance, the case of access to and/or control of precious and rare earth metals to petroleum resources.  China owns and controls the worlds earth metals we need for manufaturing US weapons and weapons systems. China has pushed out and beaten America because this hyperAdministration has no depth or ability to discern the important from the 'image' or the 'show'....the guy is simply not growing into the job and will not be any time soon. 

His Commodities Trading Commissioner Gary Genzler has yet to move on regulating OTC oil futures trading, the root of high and volatile gasoline  prices at the pump.   Obama just doesn't get the bigger picture, OUR BIGGER PICTURE, and is too fearful of conflict with powerful wall street personages to just do the right thing for this country and our people.

NO VAT NO VAT NO VAT NO VAT!!!!!! And no Eye of Newt either!  Stop poisoning us with bull shit!

We are done, Obama... finished.  No chumps are we.