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Obusha is about to speak. Should I watch 'Criminal Minds' or 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent?'

Obusha is about to speak. Should I watch 'Criminal Minds' or 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent?' By Lori Price, 08 Sep 2011 Oops! I just realized that if I choose Obama, I'd be watching 'Criminal Minds' either way! Seriously: Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama *all* desire to destroy Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. The only difference is, Rick Perry is honest about his intentions. Perry and Romney didn't establish a Super Dictatorship (aka Cat Food Commission II) to eliminate Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid -- Barack Obama did. If he wanted to avoid the Tea Party-imposed 'debt ceiling crisis,' he would have invoked the 14th Amendment and called it a day. Barack Obama is begging Congress: 'Please, please, please accept your Republican proposals! Please pass more corporate tax breaks and more cuts to Medicare and Medicaid so I can be accepted and liked!' Primary Obusha in 2012!


The Obamanible Catfood Committee: 'Our' nation is racing toward two
suicieties, one rich, one poor - disparate and unprequeled!

Bank of America is foreclosing on my house on September 30 so I will become homeless on that date.  This has taken up most of my time in the past two weeks.  The only way I became aware of this was that I began receiving solicitations from lawyers offering to help me (for a substantial fee, of course) fight BOA.  Nothing from BOA informing me of their intent.

I checked my calendar this morning and saw that CLG's Seize DC action was scheduled for tomorrow.  My first thought was, I might as well be homeless in DC.  But then I read that the action had been postponed until next year.  Please keep my informed, Lori.

At the "risk" of involving the FBI again, I would like to suggest that we NOT engage in a useless, scripted, protest at the White House, where celebraties submit to arrest, in an effort that will not succeed.  (This does not mean that their intent was not good--certainly we all opposed the pipeline to build a pipe to pump greasy sand from Canada to Texas.)

But may I again suggest that, when the CLG action does take place, we take over Rupert Murdock's criminal enterprise--Fox News.  A few thousand of us could block the doors to their DC studios, and maybe even get a few swings at Papa Bear O'Reilly in the process.  If we could get a couple of broadcast engineers to join us, we might be able to go on our own airways and announce the revolution.  Media matters.

Jonathan Inskeep

Crofton, MD  USA