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Ole Miss won't rule out microaggression-related suspensions

Ole Miss won't rule out microaggression-related suspensions --The outgoing general counsel at Ole Miss recently suggested that the school can "punish" students for "a single offensive remark." | 15 Jan 2018 | The University of Mississippi (UM) has declined to clarify if students can be suspended or expelled for committing a single microaggression, in light of reports suggesting just that. On January 5, Inside Higher Education reporter Jeremy Bauer-Wolf reported that "At the University of Mississippi, it's possible that a single offensive remark could land a student in trouble," but did not specify what type of punishment could result. After some media outlets later suggested the policy could result in suspension or expulsion, Campus Reform reached out to UM for clarification, asking if a student could be suspended or expelled after making a single offensive remark.