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Pakistani smugglers supplying Afghan bombmakers

'The amounts ferried into Afghanistan are staggering.' Pakistani smugglers supplying Afghan bombmakers --Tons of ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer that serves as a main ingredient in roadside bombs, is shipped into Afghanistan where it is banned, as businessmen buy off police and officials. 01 May 2010  Twice a week, a caravan of trucks lumbers out of this volatile northwest Pakistan city in the dead of night and makes its way toward Afghanistan, loaded with one of the most coveted substances in a Taliban bombmaker's arsenal: ammonium nitrate fertilizer. Every time the illicit caravan makes its trip, it moves unhindered past a gantlet of Pakistani police checkposts along the Pak-Afghan Highway. A string of bribes paid out to police, politicians and bureaucrats ensures that the smuggled explosive agent reaches its destination, middlemen on the Afghan side of the border who sell it to insurgents, says the co-owner of a Pakistani trucking firm that dispatches the caravans.