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Pentagon Confirms It Gave $1.4 Billion in No-Bid Fuel Contracts to Mysterious Companies

Pentagon Confirms It Gave $1.4 Billion in No-Bid Fuel Contracts to Mysterious Companies 28 Apr 2010 The Pentagon's main supply agency has acknowledged awarding $1.4 billion in no-bid contracts to two foreign companies whose ownership and management seem extremely mysterious. The contracts, involving delivery of aviation fuel to U.S.-run air bases in Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan, are currently under investigation by a subcommittee of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform... Kyrgyz opposition leaders who were involved in Bakiyev's ouster have been quoted in The New York Times as charging that companies controlled by Maksim Bakiyev "skimmed as much as $8 million a month from fuel sales to the [American] base."  


Does the Title of this article attempt to insinuate that "Government Departments and Agencies", as well as, "Homegrown Corporations" . . . who Hide Factual Realities . . . and Lie . . . are somehow not mysterious themselves . . .

Sure, if you accept the reality that the motive for such indiscretions is to lie and cheat and steal . . . the mystique disappears . . . but the General Public (i.e. the Sheeple) remain recalcitrant to entertain such inviolable behavior . . . you know, they act like . . . well . . . Sheep . . .

So, . . . Our (i.e. American) Mysterious Entities deals with Mysterious Corporations . . . Duh . . . they too are only lying, cheating and stealing !

More business as usual . . . less ridiculous PR . . . plus the addition of a moot point . . .   


Bill Clinton recently said that basically he's concerned with people's dislike of the government.  Duhh.

And so he said if there happens to be another "Terrorist" attack on America, it because of the Internet and

people of dissent and the American way of life.

So simply, if you disagree with this goverment, you're a "Terrorist."

The issue with People of The Lie is that they HATE Truth, and according to Joshua, Jesus, and the Gospel, you're anti-God.

So, what the Satanist's are saying, if you tell people the Truth you're a Satanist.  LOL!!

Good Luck,