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Pentagon demands WikiLeaks 'hand over' all classified documents

Pentagon Demands WikiLeaks Site Return Classified U.S. Military Documents 05 Aug 2010 The U.S. Defense Department demanded that WikiLeaks return all classified military documents leaked to them and purge all copies from their records. "We want whatever they have returned to us and we want whatever copies they have expunged," Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell told reporters today at a news briefing. "We demand that they do the right thing," he said. "If doing the right thing is not good enough for them, then we will figure out what alternatives we have to compel them to do the right thing." [Two words for the lying sacks of sh*t at the Pentagon who want their war crimes expunged: B*** Me. But, I am thinking Julian Limited Hangout '9/11-truth annoys me' Assange will fold like a cheap suit.  --LRP]