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Protesters hassle frat over 'cops and robbers'-themed party

As Halloween approaches, SJW insanity soars to the Stratosphere: Protesters hassle frat over 'cops and robbers'-themed party --"These 'costumes' make a joke of mass incarceration and the prison-industrial complex." | 12 Sept 2017 | An organized group of students shut down a "cops and robbers"-themed fraternity event at the University of Virginia Friday night because it made "a joke of mass incarceration." Attendees at the function wore costumes depicting police officers and inmates, and were met by a group of about 20 protesters organized by "UVa Students United," a student group that describes itself as a "coalition of students from around the University community taking direct action and organizing for a more accessible, democratic, and inclusive UVa." ...The protesters were not mollified by the fraternity members’ claims that they had no intention of "offending or hurting anyone," arguing that the theme of the party contributes to white supremacy.