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Retired CIA Agent: 'We Run the Afghan Opium Trade'

Important redaction/update on this 'fictional' story: The headline and summary (below) that was included in Wednesday's CLG Newsletter is not factual. I apologize for posting the summary and including it in the newsletter. The item was apparently 'satirical.' CLG, however, stands by the political comments made *on* the story, as opium production in Afghanistan has skyrocketed since the US invasion of Afghanistan. (Original item is below.) --LRP Oh dear. The censors at Google, Yahell, and NYU are not going to like this one. This is why you need to check your spam bins for the CLG Newsletters, daily! Retired CIA Agent: 'We Run the Afghan Opium Trade' | 09 Sept 2015 | A retired CIA agent accuses the US government of trying to frame him as he is about to release a book that will "blow the lid off the CIA's drug smuggling operations in Afghanistan," reveals the Cheyenne Herald this morning. John F. Abbotsford, a 38-year old Afghan war veteran, that has also served his country as a CIA analyst, has recently been convicted of possession of child pornography [yeah, I'm sure - typical CIA frame-up of its detractors], accusations he claims "have been made up" by the US government to stop the publication of his upcoming book, The CIA in Afghanistan: 30 years of drug smuggling. "This is a desperate attempt by the US government to shut me up," he said in court. "If I'm going to face jail time, I want the truth to be known before they try to get rid of me in prison" he told the judge. "I'm not scared of their threats, whatever happens, I will never shut up," he cried out in the courtroom. [Exactly. Hence, the raison d'etre for the illegal US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. P.S.: Former CIA asset Osama bin Forgotten was a Saudi.]