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Romney Family-Linked Voting Machine Company Will 'Count' the Votes

Coup 2012 underway: Romney Family-Linked Voting Machine Company Will 'Count' the Votes 20 Oct 2012 'Voting' machines used in Hamilton County, Ohio--the county home of Cincinnati-- are supplied by Hart Intercivic, a national provider of voting systems in use in a wide variety of counties scattered throughout the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Colorado and Ohio. Hart Intercivic is owned, in large part, by H.I.G. Capital--a large investment fund with billions of dollars under management--that was founded by a fellow named Tony Tamer. ...H.I.G. employees hold at least two of the five Hart Intercivic board seats. Tony Tamer, H.I.G.'s founder, turns out to be a major bundler for the Mitt Romney campaign, along with three other directors of H.I.G. who are also big-time money raisers for Romney. Indeed, two of those directors--Douglas Berman and Brian Schwartz--were actually in attendance at the now infamous "47 percent" fundraiser in Boca Raton, Florida. Two members of the Hart Intercivic board of directors, Neil Tuch and Jeff Bohl, have made direct contributions to the Romney campaign. Solamere Capital--the investment firm run by Mitt Romney's son, Tagg, and the home of money put into the closely held firm by Tagg's uncle Scott, mother Anne and, of course, the dad, Mitt--have shared business interests with H.I.G. either directly or via Solamere Advisors which is owned, in part, by Solamere Capital, including a reported investment in H.I.G. by either Solamere Capital or Solamere Advisors. [WHY are RMoney's 'voting' machines still standing? They need to be dismantled and deep-sixed, ASAP. Otherwise, the same coterie of a**wipes is going to steal this election, too -- as they did in 2000 (Florida) and in 2004 (Ohio) for George W. Bush. --LRP]


I have been receiving your newsletter and commentary for several months.  The information is indeed valuable and it

presents a view that is not available with the press.  However, I find it immature and very condescending when an article

is presented with the use of profanity and an attitude of supremacy.  Yes,  I said that!!!! .  Look at the language used

to comment on the article about Ronmey and voting machines.. This presents opinions and insinuations that are not

linked to critical thinking. Yes, I also said that.  The whole issue presented about the evil of voting machines that are

linked in some fashion to Romney, his family, board members, etc. is an example of judgement that somehow you feel

qualified  to render.  Try reporting facts, injecting some opinions and quit thinking you are some type of self-appointed God that can say anything he wants in what ever fashion he/she feels at the moment.

If you think acting like a bully gets your readership energized, count me out.  I am 70 years old and probably taught

people your age.  You truly act like a person that feels  "It"s my way or the highway"  Good luck in your future life.

Do you have any clue as to who you are? why you are? Where you came from and where you go when you die.?????????


Ron Gjoraas CMR