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Romney edges Paul in Maine caucuses

After Three Losses, Romney Edges Past Paul in Maine --Mr. Romney scraped by Mr. Paul by just 194 votes. 12 Feb 2012 Mitt Romney averted embarrassment on Saturday when he was declared the winner of a presidential straw poll in Maine's nonbinding caucuses. He won 39 percent of the vote, barely edging out Representative Ron Paul of Texas, the only other Republican candidate to campaign actively in the state. Mr. Paul drew 36 percent. Rick Santorum won 18 percent, and Newt Gingrich 6 percent. [Note: Faux News 'lost' Ron Paul's audio, when Paul was speaking in Portland, ME. It seems that Faux News 'loses' Paul's audio *every time.* There's nary a technical problem, however, when Faux interviews its troll Sarah Palin - in Alaska. Your deomcracy, cancelled: A Ron Paul stronghold of over 5,000 people did NOT get to participate as their caucus was cancelled due to quote, unquote weather. So Paul would have *definitely* won the Maine caucuses -- if the election wasn't stolen (again) by the GOP establishment. --LRP]