By the final touchdown, “Citizens for Legitimate Government” Will Make Inauguration Day Protest Banner Part of Football History


PASADENA – December 30, 2000 – During the 87th Rose Bowl Game, Citizens for Legitimate Government, a newly formed grassroots action group, plans to protest the inauguration of Governor George W. Bush as president of the United States.  The special message will be displayed as an aerial banner at the oldest college football bowl game in the World, which will be broadcast from Pasadena, California, on Monday, January 1, 2001. The message will remind all citizens of their traditional right to attend the Inauguration Day activities to be held in Washington D.C. on January 20, 2001, and to join with many other Americans in protest of these ceremonies, say the group’s leaders.


“A group of G.O.P. operatives, in conjunction with a legal blockade against vote-counting, hijacked control of our federal election process, thereby abrogating the import of the Constitution, and placing an illegitimate president in the White House,” said Michael D. Rectenwald of the Citizens for Legitimate Government.  “As incredible as it sounds, this was, by every legal definition, a formal, though bloodless coup d’état – a desecration of our Constitution and our democratic way of life.  We are not radicals, but honest, tax-paying citizens in a country where we shouldn’t accept taxation without representation. We are simply using the rights we have left to protest this anti-democratic outcome. Many in our group have never been active in politics before this ‘election.’”

The 2001 Inauguration Day protests are predicted to be the largest counter-inauguration rallies since Richard M. Nixon’s 1973 ceremonies, where as many as 100,000 of the 300,000 attendees demonstrated. Washington D.C. police have stated they expect more than 750,000 to attend the Bush inauguration, with a huge number of demonstrators engaging in peaceful but vocal protests.


The organized demonstrations on January 20 will include members of a broad amalgam of well-known national organizations and a new field of local and virtual grassroots groups, consisting of many citizens who say that they are no longer represented by this new government.


“While contempt is strong among voters regarding the Republican Party’s naked grab for total control, all of these progressive groups are calling for safe, legal demonstrations to avoid confrontations with the aggressive coup supporters,” said  Michael D. Rectenwald.   “The size of this protest alone will make history – and wake up the other moderates who have been convinced nothing is wrong.”


Citizens for Legitimate Government promotes itself as a strategic grassroots group recently created by concerned citizens after the activist interventionism of America’s judicial system and the elimination of the democratic presidential election process.  The members of the group refuse to recognize the legitimacy of the Bush government. The group’s charter can be found on its web site at Related groups include the Inaugural Voter March group at