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Sarah Palin Found to be Russian Spy Robot

Sarah Palin Found to be Russian Spy Robot By R J Shulman (Satire) 03 Aug 2010 An explosive new post from WikiLeaks, the whistleblowing website, has exposed Sarah Palin not only as an operative for Russia but also as a robotic device. The Preyat Yeletza Rawdeena XL-3 (roughly translated as "Homeland Girlfriend"), was created by rogue KGB agents who wanted Russia to return to the old style regime of the Soviet Union. WikiLeaks documents reveal that this clandestine group, the Chashka Chayou Partenny or Teacup Political Party (TPP), was bent upon destroying the American way of life. TPP leader Yuri Boltnikov writes that he believed America could be fooled by an attractive female robot "with an opiate of the people Bible in one hand and, in the other, a flag of America waving."