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School Shooting or SWAT Training?

School Shooting or SWAT Training? By Lori Price, 24 Oct 2014 CNN host Brooke Baldwin, covering breaking news of the school shooting in Marysville, Washington, announces that she has a live update regarding the events. Baldwin said she's been just handed a paper with new information, which she will read on the air. She asks for viewers to "bear with her," as she reads it "cold." She reads: "Marysville Police Department will be holding a SWAT training --" Baldwin then interrupts herself. "Oh. This is from yesterday." Later, she adds: "Initially, students thought this was a fire drill." Via Google search, the vestiges of an archived message from the 23 October can be seen: Marysville School District October 23, 2014: Local law enforcement under the direction of the Marysville Police Department will be holding a SWAT training in the large fenced parking... That bulletin has been stripped from the Marysville School District website, but here is the screen shoot from Google, showing yesterday's announcement of SWAT training for Marysville Police.

Marysville SWAT training announce day of shooting