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'Social Justice Committee' to train faculty on 'microaggressions'

'Social Justice Committee' to train faculty on 'microaggressions' --A group of students at the University of Denver quietly formed a "Social Justice Committee" after Donald Trump's election, which has now gained the support of faculty. | 24 Aug 2017 | Students at the University of Denver have formed a "Social Justice Committee" with a goal of revamping curriculum to include topics of "privilege" and "microaggressions." The "Social Justice Committee," spearheaded by Counseling Psychology student Eve Faris, plans to work with professors to "incorporate issues of power, privilege, and inequity into all of the Counseling Psychology curriculum," while hosting workshops on "responding to microaggressions." Although the committee quietly convened shortly after the election of Donald Trump, it was formally introduced to the university community last Wednesday, according to Faris, who noted that the group currently has 20 active members.